vintage toy pianos & chamber orchestra

Kinderklavier is a unique concert portraying vintage toy pianos and chamber orchestra featuring pianist Tricia Dawn Williams. The first part of the programme portrays works for solo toy piano ex. Suite for a Musical Clock by Handel; piano and toy piano ex. Clowns at Night by George Crumb as well as the use of live electronics ex. In C by Terry Riley. The second part of the programme presents the toy piano with the chamber orchestra with a new arrangement of Parade by Erik Satie and Kinderklavier Concerto by Ruben Zahra.


Part 1 – toy pianos, piano and live electronics

Suite for a Musical Clock – by George Frideric Handel
Clowns at Night (from Metamorphoses) – by George Crumb
Suite for Toy Piano – by John Cage
Pan’s Labyrinth – by Javier Navarrete               
Watch Chimes (Carillon theme) – by Ennio Morricone
La Valse des Monstres – by Yann Tiersen 
Tierkreis (selection) – by Karlheinz Stockhausen 
Carousel – by Phyllis Chen
In C – by Terry Riley

Part 2 – Toy Pianos & Chamber Orchestra

Parade for toy piano & chamber orchestra – by Erik Satie
Kinderklavier Concerto for toy pianos & chamber orchestra – by Ruben Zahra

"a constantly changing kaleidoscope of styles, forms and melodies"

Brno Contemporary Orchestra – Czceh Republic – Oct 2022

“Kinderklavier Concerto” for toy pianos and chamber orchestra ... each movement portrays the toy piano within a different cinematic narrative"

Malta Philharmonic Orchestra – Apr 2022

"Composers have been taking the toy piano seriousely throughout the 20th century, especially after John Cage wrote the ‘Suite for Toy Piano’ in 1948"

ENCORE Arts & Culture Magazine – Mar 2021


In the press

“Toy Pianos Aren’t Playing Around”

ENCORE Arts & Cultyre Magazine (Mar 2021)